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About Christian Mushenko

Lucky enough to grow up on an orchard in New England, Christian Mushenko had an affinity with the natural world, developing a sensitivity and appreciation of the environment around him.

"I think from an early age I was aware of 'moments'. I can still remember a sense of place and time on many occasions (or maybe they were the memories from family slide shows in the dark). The heat and haze of a summer afternoon in tall grass, the smell of autumn with crisp sun shining through leaves, or the quiet peace of a new blanket of snow".
Image Christian

Through film and a camera, he found a vehicle to illustrate this consciousness and wonder, and create expressions of beauty.

This desire to create and share something of beauty has extended into his career as a photographer, becoming known for a style rich in feeling and humanity, that has been described as silky and romantic, alive and vibrant.

In his abstract seascapes, Christian uses the elements of nature: light, sea and sky, to create painterly images with a dreamlike quality. The hues of dusk reflecting off an almost imaginary shore, or reflections off a seductive sea take on a poetic quality.

Having developed a body of fine art work based around lush abstract seascapes, people have responded finding a mirror for memories, and an invitation to wonder, to get lost and to dream. They are soulful works portraying a quiet sense of peace and romantic yearning. These seascapes have featured in Hollywood movie sets, and grace walls from Manhattan to Sydney. Christian is represented in New York by June Bateman Fine Art.

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